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Chloe, Owner


I am a qualified Pregnancy Relaxation & Mindfulness, Baby Massage,  Baby Yoga and Wellbeing, Mindfulness & Relaxation offering small group sessions, 1:1 and private groups for upto 4 people.

Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Relaxation 

Join Bear & Cub for this gorgeous class to embrace your mindfulness journey in a warm, cosey and relaxing environment. The gift of taking time to relax the body, quiet the mind and to connect is something as a society we struggle with.
Chloe will guide to slow down, promote your overall health and wellbeing and to help deal with anxiety, stress and improve your focus, concentration and energy.
This class is suitable for beginners, and if you’re looking for a way to help with stress related problems.

Wellbeing, Mindfulness & Relaxation offers
* Relief for pain, stress and tension
* Build confidence
* Empower you to control and manager your anxiety
* Help them grow in self-belief
* Relaxation and meditation
* Learn different breathing techniques
* Promote your well being
* Taking time out for yourself

and many more benefits

Private Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Relaxation offers 1:1 support in our luxury studio in Conington, Peterborough. This is a 3 hour block for £75, including 3 x 60 minute sessions or £120 for 6 hours including 6 x 60 minute sessions. Please email to discuss availability.

Pregnancy Relaxation & Mindfulness

Pregnancy Relaxation and Mindfulness is suitable from 14 weeks gestation right through to birth. Join Bear & Cub for this gorgeous class to embrace your pregnancy journey in a warm, cosey and relaxing environment. The gift of taking time to relax the body, quiet the mind and to connect with herself and her baby has well researched benefits for both mother and baby. By reducing the amount of stress hormones flowing around and calming the central nervous system down, the mother’s body is able to concentrate all its efforts on the intense creation and development of a healthy baby. 

Emotions and thoughts can be a roller coaster of mixed feelings about being pregnant, becoming a mother and how to endure or enjoy the birth itself. As the baby forms and grows within the mother’s womb she is also becoming aware of being responsible for a new life, a new little person. A mother can be overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of it all or feel blissfully prepared as she surrenders to what is. Use this class to connect with your body, baby and mind and prepare yourself for your amazing journey ahead of you.

Pregnancy Relaxation and Mindfulness offers

* Relief for pain, stress, tension and discomfort in a pregnant person’s body
* Provide more space for baby to move in to best position for birth;
* Opportunity for parents to meet the early developmental needs of babies through mindfulness, touch, sound and movement;
* Opportunities to enhance the bonding process between the pregnant person and baby in womb;
* Encourage instinctive parenting;
* Build confidence;
* Enhance a sense of community amongst parents/carers;
* Help parents/carers be inspired by baby and understand baby more;
* Allow parents/carers to feel “normal” and share experiences;
* Empower parents/carers and help them grow in self-be
* Relaxation and meditation 

 Private Pregnancy Mindfulness offers 1:1 with the option of your birthing partner to join. This is a 3 hour block for £90, including 3 x 60 minute sessions or £150 for 6 hours including 6 x 60 minute sessions. Please email to discuss availability.


           Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a five week course, for babies aged 6 weeks upto crawlers.

It is a great way to bond with your baby through positive, nurturing touch in a calming gentle environment.

Baby massage is a practice that is passed down through generations in many cultures all around the world, with a combination of Indian and Swedish massage techniques.

There are many benefits to baby massage including relief from common problems such as teething pain and constipation, bonding for you and baby, releasing oxytocin hormone, relaxation and the reduction of babies stress hormones and stimulation and development, this has been proven in studies.

The course provides you and your little one with a warming non judgemental space where you can relax, connect with each other and socialise with other new parents and families in your local area.

Each week we will focus on a different area, as well as practising the previous massage strokes, so that by the end of week 4 you will have learnt full baby massage routine. On week 5 in this class, are have a free introduction to Baby Stretch and Sensory Play, this is the follow on class from Baby Massage.

Private Baby Massage offers 1:1 with the option of one loved one to join. This is a 3 hour block for £85, including 3 x 60 minute sessions or 2 x 90 minute sessions. Please email to discuss availability.

Baby Massage Availability 


Baby Yoga and Mindfulness

Baby Yoga & Mindfulness is ideal for babies aged 12 weeks to walkers.

Baby Yoga & Mindfulness incorporates gentle stretches for parent, rebozo work, baby yoga, dry baby massage, promoting mindfulness and the positive impact this has on our daily lives, teaching breath work for adults, relaxation for both parents and baby in a calm, soothing class. 

Self care is VERY important and can have such a huge impact on our mental health, finding time to learn how to manage our emotions is essential, allowing your baby and child from a young age to be educated on this is crucial.   

Baby Yoga  & Mindfulness is an engaging class which provides gentle stretches for your baby's 
* Hips 
* Legs 
* Arms 
* Back 
* Chest 

The meaningful touch and play used, gently encourages your little ones to enjoy and explore their developing skills as they start to progress and move in different ways, promoting natural positions and movements.

Baby Yoga helps to develop baby’s vestibular system (responsible for balance & coordination) and proprioception (our bodies ability to understand its own position in space) and has so many amazing benefits including supporting babies growth, boosting circulation, digestion and immune system, strengthening muscles and joints, support their brain and nervous system development and helping to develop communication.

Private Baby Yoga offers 1:1 support in our luxury studio. This is a 3 hour block for £75, including 3 x 60 minute sessions. Please email to discuss availability.

Baby Yoga and Mindfulness

Baby Massage & Yoga for babies with Additional Needs


All of Bear and Cub's classes are inclusive, welcoming all families and babies, however, if you would like share, build and connect with other local families with babies with additional needs, we hold Baby Massage and Yoga for babies that live with;

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Down Syndrome

  • Spina Bifida

  • Cystic Fibrosis

  • Colic/Reflux

  • Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

  • Congenital Talipes (Clubfoot) and the Ponsetti Method

  • Hip Dysplasia (DDH) and Pavlik Harnesses/Hip Spica

  • The baby born prematurely and the highly sensitive baby

  • Congenital Heart Defects and Circulatory Conditions

  • Medical Devices- Stomas, Feeding Tubes, Tracheostomy & Central Venous Access Devices

Before your first class, you will have a free consultation with Founder, Chloe, to discuss your babies needs, Management Plan in place (if applicable), Health Care Professionals involved, how you would like to be supported and how to support your baby. The classes are adapted around the needs of your baby, therefore, it is essential to have a consultation prior to have a in-depth discussion about your baby. These classes run on a limited number.

Colic & Reflux Consultation

If your baby suffers with either or both Colic and Reflux, this 90 minute consultation will benefit your baby and you as a parent, expanding your knowledge and supporting your baby through these tricky stages. Bear and Cub will discuss Colic and Reflux, learn soothing holds and movements, learn a full colic massage routine, learn how to adapt every day activities to try and ease discomfort for your baby. You will receive an online PDF after you have finished the consultation. This consultation is upon request and delivered in the comfort of your own home in our studio in Conington, Peterborough. 

Enquire a consultation with Chloe

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